Researcher in human motor control and adaptation to space. Scientific consultant in Peer Review and Scientific writing.
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As a researcher, I investigate motor adaptation to different dynamic environments inluding space. As a scientific consultant, I provide advices on how to optimize human movements in ecological contexts and manage scientific evaluation and peer review at the international level.

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DIJON 21000 Fr

Expertise :

In the following industries:
Universities, technological private companies

Fields of practice:
Review, evaluation, scientific writing

Management teams your interventions may concern:
Operations Management R&D Management Quality Management

Types of interventions:
From specific writing of scientific reports to overall coordination of peer review activities

Training courses attended:
C/C++ Programming of instruments (National Instruments)

Master in Computer Engineering
PhD in computational neuroscience/applied mathematics


Led training courses:
I teach at University leven (Masters 1 and 2): Mathematical modeling of human motor control and matlab programming.

Computer skills:
Matrlab, C, Linux and the regular MS Office tools

Languages: Fr En 0

Some references:
European Science Foundation, European Space Agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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I am working as a scientific consultant principally in the domain of international peer review and scientific writing. Passionate by science, I conducted a PhD (BE) and postdoc (UK) in computational neuroscience and robotics after my civil engineering studies (BE). I am now an associate professor at University of Bourgogne (FR).
Already attracted by the mechanics of review procedures, I worked full time at the European Science Foundation (ESF, FR) during 1.5 years, before my faculty position. I endorsed the coordination of the scientific review of proposals submitted in Space Sciences at large. The most influential space agencies in the world took part in this exercise. Political constraints had to be taken into account in the implementation of the activity. I administered the review process (guidelines, conflicts of interest), including identifying reviewers, overseeing panel conduction, and analyzing reviewers’ responses and panel recommendations. I designed specific tools (IT, databases) to support the follow-up of this complex process. I also initiated internal discussions on the adequacy of the established process and wrote a final report pointing at some potential flaws and providing recommendations to improve effectiveness.
Well-identified in this international context, in addition to my research, I also provide support to review activities locally or in Europe, as an independent scientific consultant.

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